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DemoDB示范曲数据库 十周年! 10th Anniversary!
...and, 20,000 demos Reached!

DemoDB's English pages are not fully well maintained. For complete content, we suggest you visit the Chinese pages and translate via the Internal Translator of your browser (like Chrome and Edge). Using a translator provided by the webpage may result in the unavailability of some content on this site.


:?: Do you know that…

Which synthesizer was one of the most expensive and rare synths of the 90s with a free-oscillating virtual acoustic system that simulates the physical sounding mechanism of an instrument to produce sound?


Thanks for visiting Database on Electronic Keyboard Models and Demo Songs. The site aims at gathering all about Electronic keyboard (and instrument) models from all over the world, including pictures, user manuals, and demonstration songs attached. Click here for more information.

This site is actively updating. If any mistake exists or you wanna join the editing, please contact me. Thanks!


Currently(7th Aug, 2023), the database includes 1572 models from more than 44 brands and 17838 demonstration songs. Special content: 31 songs for 2 models.

Voice Demo short audio: 1589 songs from 2 models; IC Tunes (embed video not included):49 songs from 2 models.

Recent Update:

How to/如何使用

  • Click on logos at the left sidebar of this page to see models that we collected.
  • To search a model, use the search bar on the top right of the page. Just input the model without the brand (e.g, to search CASIO CT-670, just type ct-670).
  • The search ignores the case. Without special needs, input in lowercase.


You can read the Chinese version of Simon Crab's 120 Years of Electronic Music at


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Visit (in Chinese) for learning to play, buying and disscussing on electronic keyboards.
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